The beneficial effects of using high quality silica in cattle production have been extensively researched. The research is well documented and shows that silica can have a significant positive impact on animal health, animal weight/size, pasture quality and sustainability. The benefits of silica extend to increased revenue and a reduction in expenditure.

Research has determined that silica is absolutely vital for highly effective and efficient cattle production. Silica deficiency inevitably results in five negative outcomes:

  • Lower than optimal weight
  • Higher than necessary expenses
  • Less than optimal animal health
  • Overuse of chemical inputs

Natural Silica has three applications in cattle production that will have a direct impact on the negative effects of silica deficiency.

  •  Feed supplement / Nutrition
  •  Internal parasite / worm control
  •  External insect and pest control

Increased production

Research conducted by various independent organizations has shown that when optimal levels of silica are used cattle can experience superior weight gain in comparison to cattle not being fed silica. Cattle fed silica can outweigh non-silica fed cattle by up to 11.65%, and importantly this can be accomplished while reducing feed by an average of up to 25%.Cattle 3


Reduced expenditure

In addition to increased weight cattle producers can experience an additional increase in profits through a reduction in expenses. Silica can have a significant
impact on farming expenditure by reducing the required application of chemical inputs, feed requirements, veterinary bills and if used in line with regulatory requirements can void withholding periods.

Not only does Natural Silica have excellent nutritional properties it is an extremely effective non chemical control for internal parasites when used as part of a regular feed regiment. Applying Natural Silica externally on the animal and around sheds, pens and pasture will also control pests and insects.

Natural Silica contains organic trace elements which reduces the need to provide these essential nutrients. The trace elements available in Natural Silica include Calcium, Magnesium, Iron, Manganese, Sodium, Zinc, Molybdenum, Sulphur and Cobalt.

Improved animal health

Silica deficiency in animals has been linked to a broad range of health problems from poor calcium utilization  arterial disease. Animals deficient in silica can experience significant positive outcomes when optimal silica amounts are added to their feed.

Cattle 2

Results from decades of research and field trials show that endemic health problems, even those that have been unresponsive to traditional chemical and medical treatments, can be controlled with optimal silica use. Of particular importance to cattle producers is that mastitis, scours, tumors and cysts can be controlled.

Silica is directly related to the formation of bone, cartilage and collagen with research indicating that silica can increase the collagen in growing bone by up to 100%. Silica can also accelerate the growth in calves and plays a vital role in weight gain in adult cattle.

Natural Silica can stimulate the metabolism, including the metabolism of minerals, increases protein digestion and increases the amount of feed exposed to the digestive processes thereby increasing the amount of feed utilized by the animal.

Pest and Insect Control

Although perfectly harmless to humans and animals Natural Silica contains sharp microscopic edges which upon contact with parasites/worms in the digestive tract cut the parasite which then dies and passes harmlessly through the digestive system. (Heart worm and lung worm are not controlled).

Cattle 1

The control of flies, buffalo flies, ticks etc can also be accomplished through the microscopic edges of Natural Silica when applied externally to the cattle. Natural Silica will also be present in cattle dung and will control insects and larvae on or in the dung If spread on pasture Natural Silica will not only act on soil and grass fertility but will also act as an insecticide which can also control pests such as cut worm and army worm.

As Natural Silica is able to control pests and insects by a purely mechanical process the pest/insect is unable to build up resistance or become immune. While controlling insects and pests with extreme effectiveness, Natural Silica is 100% organic, perfectly harmless to animals and humans and will not be subject to any withholding period.



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