Diatomaceous earth or DE is one of the most versatile, commercialised minerals today. Although more commonly used in farming and raising livestock, diatomaceous earth also works as an efficient pest control agent. When pulverized to a fine powder, the microscopic sharp edges of the diatoms cause the mechanical abrasion of the joints, resulting in the death of the bed bugs. Unlike common chemical pesticides, food grade DE powder is non-toxic and chemical free, and thus can target bed bugs without posing dangers to humans and pets.

Bed bugs get their name from their choice of lodging – beds, pillows, mattresses, sofas, carpets, and other soft surfaces. To kill bed bugs using diatomaceous earth, isolate the infested surfaces and move them far away from the wall. Bed bugs do not have the ability to fly. Hence, their only mode of transporting from one place to another is through crawling. Spreading diatomaceous earth in the foot of your bed and other furniture confines these pests and ultimately kills them. Dusting your bedding and other insect-populated materials with DE also helps ensure that you kill most of the bed bugs. However, as these bugs can reproduce around five eggs per day, you will need to apply DE once or twice a week until all of the bed bugs die completely.

Exterminating bed bugs with the use of DE is fast, easy, and safe. It’s also very cost effective and much cheaper than hiring a pest control professional do the task. The next time you encounter a problem with these pests, consider doing it yourself with the use of diatomaceous earth instead.


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