Taking care of our beloved pets doesn’t just stop with food, water, and proper grooming. One of the most important things that need to be taken into account is keeping them safe against harmful parasites such as fleas. While flea-control shampoos and sprays can do the job, the chemicals found in these products can take its toll on an animal’s health in the long run. The better choice for killing fleas on dogs and cats would be to use organic materials like diatomaceous earth.

Diatomaceous earth or DE is a completely natural substance – amorphous silica formed from mineralised diatoms (fossilised remains of microscopic freshwater creatures) deposited in freshwater lakes high in volcanic mountain areas. While the use of DE is more common in the field of agriculture, DE is especially helpful in controlling and killing fleas on animals due to the microscopic sharp edges of the diatoms causing mechanical abrasion of the fleas’ joints. Therefore, the DE effectively cuts through pests’ and parasites’ shells without causing any to your pet.

To kill fleas on dogs and cats, the diatomaceous earth should be rubbed into the fur and applied to the skin of the animal avoiding the eyes, nose, and mouth area. Even though food grade DE is safe for animals to ingest, the fine powder could be irritating if ingested. After the animal has been treated, getting rid of the fleas that have spread around the house should be the next target to keep the fleas from coming back. Spreading ground DE in the areas around the house that your pet frequents should do the trick, along with a thorough vacuuming of all areas and washing of the pet’s bedding every day for ten days.


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