Daily inclusion in food strengthens teeth, bones, tendons and improves the function of organs such liver and kidneys. This leads to improved metabolism with resultant health and vitality increase.

When used at 1 teaspoon/day on small dogs and 1 tablespoon/day on large dogs over 25kg intestinal worm numbers fall to negligible levels.

Fleas can be managed by dusting the dogs coat, their bedding and flee breeding areas. Control results from silica lodging in the breathing apparatus (spiracles) of adults causing asphyxiation and from abrasion of nymphs which leads to de-hydration and death.


Of all farm animals chickens respond the fastest to silica supplementation.

During the first week of life mortality rates decrease due to bacteria and viruses being purged from the digestive system.

Differences in size and alertness can be expected within 1 week.

Continued use reduces build up of internal parasites and breeding of flies in manure.

Dusting boxes when filled with 100% silica will control lice, mites and stick flees.

Bone strength improves which is important to meat birds and egg shell strength increases in layers.


Mainly fed to improve feed conversion efficiency while managing  intestinal parasites, breeding of flies and reducing the odor of dung.



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