Diatomaceous Earth Human Use

Food grade diatomaceous earth for human use is quite common, and indeed sometimes recommended by doctors who have had few  results with conventional medicine in controlling certain intestinal parasites.

DE has been used extensively to control intestinal worms in many animals, and the biology of humans and animals is not significantly dissimilar, generally meaning that a good reaction in animals is likely to result in a similar reaction in humans.

For this reason many people are using food grade diatomaceous earth to control internal parasites and clean the intestine, colon and bowl.

By consuming about a teaspoon to a tablespoon in the morning or before bedtime significant benefits have been reported.

How to detox with diatomaceous earth

It is best to start with a smaller quantity and increase this over a week or two. It is best to use for at least 90 days.

If using it to detox as it will help to remove heavy metals as well as other benefits including improvement in stronger hair and nails from the silica absorption. Many people also report improved joint function.



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