Use in the garden

Being non-toxic and environmentally friendly, diatomaceous earth is an ideal growing medium for a wide range of plants, fruit, greenhouse vegetables, orchids and bonsais.  It is lightweight and able to absorb up to 150% of its own weight in water, releasing nutrients back into the planned as required. Coarse grade diatomaceous earth may be used as a hydroponic growing medium, or maybe mixed with other growing media such as cocoa fibre, clay pebbles or other loose media. The porous structure of the diatoms supports its ability to draw water and to move water and nutrients laterally through the growing medium. It can provide a natural alternative to ‘water crystals’ and does not dissolve in water.

Diatomaceous earth may be recycled, adding nutrients to the soil. The soluble silica which is essential for healthy and robust plants, will support a high level of resistance to disease.

Diatomaceous earth is compatible with other soil components and it may be blended with fertilisers, or used as an additive for potting mix.

It is inert and chemical free, making it a fantastic soil conditioner. Use it to break up a heavy, clay based soils, or to retain moisture in sandy or light soils, or as a top dressing. Use it when planting fruit trees and shrubs to give your new plants a nutritious and healthy head start.

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